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I write for some ad industry publications, but also memoir, op-ed and essay material. Some of it even gets published.

Select clips:

Forbes CMO: How To Get More Out Of Your Creative Leadership

Creative Interviews: Q&A With Mat Zucker

Digiday: Insider’s Review of The Pitch

Tablet: Pitch Perfect

The Jewish Forward: Embrace Branding

Chelsea Now: Our Two-Block, Pro-Global Green Move

New York Press ”8 Million Stories”: Minding the Snore

Our Town: How to Putter

The Bark: Talk to Me about My Pet

This I Believe: Second Chances

The Ad Buzz Voices: What I Wish Someone Had Told Me

Adweek: Reviving the Nobility of Sales

The NthWord: Selling is Back, the New Future of Advertising

AdAge Digital Next: Story of a Failed Facebook Experiment

Creativity: Digital for Hire

Direct Marketing News: In With Tina Brown, The Nuance of Nuance

Faster Times travel column: India Travel - Delhi Belly at Best

Ongoing columns:

The Faster Times Advertising

The Nervous Breakdown

Interviews & Press

The Search for the World’s Greatest Salesperson: The New York Times Ad Column, SalesPop

Q&A on Content & Campaigns: Direct Marketing News

Hindsight is 20/20 for Industry Vets: Digiday

Web Site Offers Advice on How to Get Ahead in Advertising: New York Times Media Decoder

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