April 13th, 2012

Monocle is my current content hero.

I love great editorial reported + packaged + repackaged across channel. I also love great audio, especially podcasting, which I listen to at the gym, on long walks, and plane trips. For me, Monocle has been doing the most thoughtful and modern work in content. Most of us know it as a travel/lifestyle magazine, with contributors around the world giving you bite-size facts and interviews and features.

They also have a few retail stores in cities such as New York (Hudson & Charles St) where you can buy travel accessories, notebooks and a fairly unique, innovative (and pricey) suit travel bag for short trips.

But what I’ve really gotten into is Monocle Radio — all their podcasts, available through their site and iTunes. Monocle 24 is their main show, and one great segment to listen for is lunch with the ambassador of some great country you don’t know much about (e.g. Estonia, Nepal) and learn about the culture and the food. Monocle doesn’t skimp; each episode is long, rich and leisurely.

Monocle Review is my second favorite, a weekly review of books, music, film. My favorite is the opening segment in which they visit 3 independent bookshops in 3 cities around the world and find out what’s selling that week and get to know the shop. This past week’s episode were bookstores in London, Paris & Shanghai.

Really feels like tons of love, intelligence and effort is going into this brand and the steady, rich stream of content they produce every week. Going to try to found out who and how many people are also eating it up. How do they produce it all? How do they pay for it? Subscriptions and the store?

Tune in + travel. And if you like it, subscribe to the magazine so we can all keep hearing it.

March 25th, 2012

We all browse FWA but every now and then, it causes a rush of admiration+envy+jealousy as well as a reminder of why I do this. What I like about Stink Digital’s Wrangler Europe site (FWA’s site of the month) is that it’s both stunning and conceptual. There is an idea here — Get Your Edge Back. I’m still a traditional tagline obsessive so I both expect and like when an experience has a clear point of view and even headline/tagline to express it for the brand. Yes, I like the word dungarees, but I also want my edge back. Go turn up your speakers and play with the site and be sure drag when it says drag. Simple and great.

February 10th, 2012

Joseph Jaffe, a terrific thinker + entrepreneur with provocatively compelling views on mdoern marketing, launches Evol8tion, an agency that matches startups to brands. Joe believes advertising’s salvation is in technology and what it can bring to the table for storytelling and brands. Follow him on twitter too.

August 17th, 2011
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